Carlos Pertuis

As Jung told it, he met a schizophrenic patient in 1906 in the halls of the psychiatric hospital in which he had been working. The intern was trying to look at the sun, blinking and moving his head from side to side. He told Jung that when he moved his head, the sun’s penis also moved along with it, and this movement was the origin of the wind.”

Four years later, Jung found an identical imagery, equally responsible for the origin of the wind, in the visions of the followers of Mithra—the god of the sun—, described in a 1910 text translated from Greek papyri.

This psychiatric case is one of the first documents that led to the development of the concept of collective unconscious. What seems to be even more surprising is the presence of representations of the sun phallus in the paintings of a Brazilian schizophrenic [Carlos Pertuis], an intern at Centro Psiquiátrico Pedro II, in Rio de Janeiro, in the 1940s.
Nise da Silveira