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The relationship with Jung

In 1954, Nise wrote a letter to C. G. Jung sending photographs of the paintings created at the Engenho de Dentro studio. She also inquired about their significance and origins. The master’s response was immediate: the mandalas represented the self-healing potential that is latent in our psyche, spontaneously activated as a natural and unconscious way of making up for the dissociation experienced by those who drew them.
After the first remarkable meeting she had with her master at a congress in Switzerland, Nise returned to Europe, where she studied at the C. G. Jung Institute in 1957 and 1962. On coming back to Brazil after her first term at the Institute, she set up the C. G. Jung Study Group. Then, she wrote books, among them, Jung: vida e obra (“Jung: Life and Works”), first published in 1968.